Factory - Made in Spain

Making quality knitwear at Spain since 1977

We want you to love your clothes again. In our company, We make quality knit garments since 1977, betting on slow fashion and responsible consumption, for garments made with quality yarns to last in your wardrobe and give you the pleasure of having bought something good and lasting. It is a way to reduce the fast and disproportionate consumption that big fashion chains want to impose on us, and that does not generate more than pollution and excessive waste, besides exploited workers in somewhere in the world. 

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At KNITWEAR STORE, we offer our exclusive brands, CAÑA DE AZUCAR and DAVID JORDA. Our garments have been made in our factory, in Spain, with high quality yarns.. 

Sometimes we will offer other items from other brands with which we collaborate, always articles designed for durability and quality. Stop using and throwing clothes every season and betting on quality will undoubtedly improve the planet and the fashion industry to return to rational levels of production.

In KNITWEAR STORE we also bet for the maximum customer service. Any questions, comments or suggestions will be a pleasure to receive. You will find in our store a lot of ways to contact us.

Thanks for visiting and trusting us!